While having your outdoor property paved can add plenty of depth to your yard or business’s appeal, you need to maintain paved areas and hardscapes on a regular basis. Your paved areas most likely have no protection from the elements, and this can quickly break down and muck up these sites. You don’t want unsightly stains or built up grime in your once pristine paved areas. When this happens, you need to call a professional paving company to provide Bonita Springs pressure washing services and pavers sealing.

Professionally Sealing Pavers and Hardscapes

At Old Town Pavers LLC, we can professionally seal pavers and hardscapes at your location. If we are initially at your property for a pressure washing service and spot splits and cracks in your pavement, we will consult with you on the best course of action for sealing these problem areas. We also seal pavers and hardscapes when we perform any one of our pavers services in Lee County. Whether we are paving your driveway or your pool, we go the extra mile by sealing up the concrete at the end of the job, so you don’t have to worry about splitting or cracking.

The Benefits of Bonita Springs Sealing Pavers

It reduces the damage caused by salt applied to pavement in the winter, and the following freeze-thaw cycle.
It prevents the growth of moss and fungus.
It stabilizes the joined areas of the pavement and inhibits weed growth.
A Variety of Sealing Pavers to Choose From
At Old Town Pavers LLC, we carry a variety of sealers for you to choose from. Whether you want the more natural look of a matte finish, or would like the color-pop of a gloss finish, we have the products you need to make your paved area look amazing. With Bonita Springs sealing pavers, your pavement and hardscapes will stay protected from the elements while also providing a pleasant and inviting area for customers and guests.
Paving Sealers and Repair
If you are noticing splits, cracks, and breaks in your pavement and hardscapes, don’t hesitate to call Old Town Pavers LLC. Our team will come out and assess the current damage in your paving, and will consult with you on the best course of action to take. Most of the time, we can easily repair the problem areas and refill paver joints before sealing everything up. However, if the damage is too severe, we may recommend a complete overhaul and install a brand new paved area that is stronger and more protected than the one before. Whatever solution we present, know that we are taking your budget into consideration, and will never offer you a service you don’t need.


Don’t wait to get your pavement sealed. The elements will only worsen the damage already inflicted into your paving if given enough time. Our team can assess the current state of your pavement and hardscapes and provide a few solutions that can restore your outdoor area to its former glory. Contact Old Town Pavers LLC today and learn more about our Bonita Springs pavers sealing services! 239-233-0012